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DTP Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Power is Bringing All Your Identities Into the Room

As a Woman-Owned, LGBTQ-Owned, Minority-Owned Business, we take inclusivity personally. One of our values at Dance to Power is to support each other and foster an environment of respect and mindfulness. We believe in communicating with transparency and holding ourselves accountable for creating change in our communities. Actions speak louder than words, so these are the initial actions we aim to take with the help of our collective over the next few years:

1. We will begin at home

As our company grows, we will strive to foster a company culture that enables everyone on our team and in our collective to be and feel heard so that we may further nourish diversity, equity, and inclusion.

2. We will amplify diverse voices

Dance to Power will strive to highlight queer, trans, and people of color in our community work and guest coaching roster, recognizing this is a strong need in the Afro-Latin dance industry.

3. We will champion social justice and equity causes

We are committed to supporting justice and fairness across gender, race, and sexuality rights through our platform. We will curate free and open content that educates our collective in knowledge of social inequality and practices for social justice and civic engagement.

4. We will give back

Our longer-term hope as we grow is to kick-off initiatives that enable access for queer, trans artists of color to train in Afro-Latin dance. Thereby, we hope through our platform at DTP to build more diverse voices in the industry.

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