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Dance To Power FAQs

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  • What is Dance to Power?
    Dance to Power is a membership academy that hosts Afro-Latin dance courses designed to help you feel more confident and expressive in your movement. A membership to DTP gives you access to a catalog of courses designed and taught by internationally-renowned dancer Ana Masacote and a global network of experts.
  • Where can I watch videos?
    Dance to Power offers an online learning experience. Video lessons are available anytime, anywhere on your personal computer and smartphone via your internet browser. All you need is wifi access.
  • What is included in a Dance to Power membership?
    Membership includes access to: DTP CATALOG: Pre-recorded Afro-Latin dance courses designed and taught by internationally-renowned dancer Ana Masacote and a global network of experts. Courses include weekly lesson plans in four-week blocks. No dance partner required. Daily lessons are designed in bite-size components of under 30 min to inspire practice in your daily life. DTP SEMINARS: 30-min, interactive Q&As with guest Afro-Latin dance coaches. Seminars are run virtually, in real-time, bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 6pm EDT, excluding federal holidays. Come chat with us! DTP INTENSIVES: Monthly pre-recorded footwork choreography created by Afro-Latin dance coaches. Intensives run for 4-weeks: weekly lessons are released Mondays in bite-size components under 30 min. DTP members learn choreography over the month and have the option to record themselves for personal or social media sharing upon completion. Members have automatic access to past intensives. Style of Afro-Latin dance genre varies. DTP COLLECTIVE: Connection to our online community of dancers around the world via our private Facebook group and quarterly Spirit Circles. Motivate each other, share your aspirations and experiences, and embrace your journey.
  • What courses should I take?
    There are two options for learning at Dance to Power. Option 1: You Decide Your Courses based on what you aspire to work on. We recommend 2-3 courses/seminars a month. Option 2: Take structured courses designed by Ana from our comprehensive track. (currently salsa only) Membership gives you unlimited access to all courses in all tracks. Current courses include, but are not limited to: Syncopated Timing Figure 8 Rib Cage Motion Rumba & Yoruba Foundations Body Waves Leg Articulation Axle Turns Pivot Turns Arm Styling Footwork Shine Compilations
  • Do I need a partner?
    NO PARTNER NECESSARY! Dance to Power is designed for the individual. Our aim is to help you learn the intricacies of body mechanics so often left out of dance classes. These can be applied on and off the dance floor. However, we always encourage inviting friends to take the program with you to help support each other. :)
  • Is there a schedule for courses?
    Dance to Power courses are pre-recorded, self-paced, and available on-demand. Past Intensives are available on-demand while lessons from New Intensives are released every Monday. You set your schedule based on your needs and work on as much of the material as you’d like. We recommend 2-3 courses/seminars a week.
  • How much does Dance to Power cost?
    Dance to Power offers a membership plan with the following pricing tiers: Monthly Membership: $ 49 USD/mo. (automated, recurring payments) 6-month Membership: $ 39 USD/mo. ($234 billed every 6 months) 12-month Membership: $ 29 USD/mo. ($348 billed annually) All plans include access to the full Dance to Power catalog of courses, intensives, and seminars, past and present. All plans are automatic and recurring. We hope you’ll welcome DTP into your life as an ongoing holistic lifestyle choice.
  • Can I share a membership?
    No. The system will automatically lock one account out if it is shared by multiple people.
  • What is your refund policy?
    We want you to have the best learning experience possible. If Dance to Power isn’t for you, contact us within 30 days of your subscription purchase for a full refund.
  • How do I cancel?
    Members may cancel at any time, although we hope you’ll let us know how we can improve moving forward. Once cancelled, membership access will discontinue at the end of the current billing cycle and will not renew. Please note, once membership is discontinued, you will no longer have access to any courses, past or present. To cancel your membership: Login to Dance to Power. Click on your name (top right-hand corner). This prompts a drop-down menu. Click on My Account. Click on Billing (left-hand menu). In the Subscriptions section, find your current subscription, and click Cancel.
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