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About Our Free Live Seminars

Our online seminars are 60-minutes long and feature interactive Q&As with guests. Seminars are run virtually, bi-weekly on Wednesdays, excluding US federal holidays.

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Upcoming Virtual Seminars

  • Liquid Leading ft. Mori Granot-Sanchez
    Wed, Aug 17
    Online Event
    What the heck is liquid leading or switch leading? What is the connection between alternating partner roles and breaking gender role attachment? And how can this help us build safe spaces for youth and community? Questions & Sharing welcome.
  • Dance and Recovery ft Anara Frank
    Wed, Aug 31
    Online Event
    Description: Have you ever been sidelined from an injury or health condition? How do you build dance back into your life? Don’t let health keep you from dancing. Let’s talk strategies for using dance as a tool for healing and coming back to the dance floor stronger. Questions & Sharing welcome.
  • Body Standards in Afro-Latin Dance ft Ana
    Wed, Sep 14
    Online Event
    How do expectations of body image play out in the dance world? What aesthetics of beauty perpetuate harm in our community? This seminar will also be live streamed on FB (@dancetopower). Questions & Sharing welcome.

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