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Learn Salsa Dance Online

Do you want to improve the way you move and feel in dance? At Dance to Power, you will learn detailed salsa dance movement and footwork through solo online courses and videos. Develop your technique without needing a partner! Sign up for a membership to join.

These are Solo Salsa Courses!
No dance partner required.

Dance to Power will teach you the body mechanics and stylistic expression of salsa. Learn solo technique online and build your dancefloor confidence within an inclusive virtual community!


Empower yourself with detailed breakdowns of technique to build on group classes and social dancing.

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Our salsa dance lessons are led by internationally-renowned coaches and can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

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A library of salsa online dance courses in a progressive and digestible format caters to holistic learning.

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What You Get With Our Membership

With Dance to Power, you get access to various dance resources.

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Dance Catalog 

We have an extensive library of Afro-Latin dance courses under 30 minutes, designed & taught by internationally-renowned dancer Ana Masacote and a network of experts.

Working With Headphones

Online Seminars

Our online seminars are 60-minutes long and feature interactive Q&As with guests. Seminars are run virtually, bi-weekly on Wednesdays, excluding US federal holidays.

Dancing in Park

Monthy Intensives  

With intensives, members learn new choreography and have access to past intensives. The style of dance varies from salsa, bachata, cha-cha, and Afro-Cuban.

Take Online Salsa Lessons In an Inclusive Community

What Members are Saying 

Ready to improve your dancing? Here’s what people are saying about our online salsa dance lessons:


“Oftentimes you learn a move, but you don’t learn where the movement originates from. You had us repeat it so much, it became part of my body. I got rid of everything else and went out and danced in those movements and it helped. People in the scene would tell me I must be training, and I was.”

-  Meleah

Course Offerings

Our salsa dance courses are designed to progressively build from the foundations and are organized in short, weekly lessons, up to 30 minutes a day. Go at your own pace and choose to do as many as you want. We recommend two courses/seminars a week.

Arms & Shoulders Development


What You Get With Our Membership

All membership plans include access to the full Dance to Power catalog of courses, intensives, and seminars. No dance partner is required!


$ 49.99

Per Month

Billed monthly.




$ 39.99

Per Month

Billed every 6 months.


$ 29.99

Billed annually.


Per Month

FREE Live Virtual DTP Seminars

Connect with Dance to Power Founder Ana Masacote and special guest speakers on LIVE virtual seminars every two weeks on a variety of topics central to the dance industry. Join the community conversation!

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