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A library of Afro-Latin dance courses in a progressive and digestible format.

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DTP Catalog 

A library of Afro-Latin dance courses designed & taught by internationally-renowned dancer Ana Masacote and a network of experts. Courses include weekly lesson plans in four-week blocks. Daily lessons offer bite-size components for 30 min practices. No dance partner required.

Working With Headphones

DTP Seminars

1-hour, interactive Q&As with guest coaches. Seminars are run virtually, in real-time, bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 1pm EST, excluding US federal holidays. Grab a brown bag and eat and chat with us!

Dancing in Park

DTP Intensives  

Footwork choreography created for you by Afro-Latin dance coaches. Monthly Intensives run for 4-weeks in 30 min weekly lessons. DTP members learn new choreography every month and have automatic access to past intensives. Style of Afro-Latin dance genre varies.


What Members are Saying 

“Oftentimes you learn a move, but you don’t learn where the movement originates from. You had us repeat it so much, it became part of my body. I got rid of everything else and went out and danced in those movements and it helped. People in the scene would tell me I must be training, and I was.”

-  Meleah

Course Offerings

Build from the foundations, progressively.

All courses are organized in lessons, 30 minutes a day, in weekly intervals for up to 4 weeks. Go at your own pace and choose to do as many as you want. Seminar Q&As with guest coaches are one hour. We recommend 2 courses/seminars a week. Course topics include, but are not limited to:

Arms & Shoulders Development


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Includes Access to the full Dance to Power catalog of courses, intensives, seminars.

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Includes Access to the full Dance to Power catalog of courses, intensives, seminars.

Billed every 6 months.

No dance partner required.


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Includes Access to the full Dance to Power catalog of courses, intensives, seminars

Billed annually.

No dance partner required.



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